Update #6 Colours are looking GREAT!

Update #6 Colours are looking GREAT!

It's that time again when I let you all know what I've been up to this last month and where I'm at with the book. I focused entirely on colours in January, and while I didn't make as much headway as I'd have liked, I did get a significant number of pages done. As it stands, only 28 pages remain that need finishing, with 26 of those well underway.

In February, I'll be working on knocking out those 26 pages, which make up the exciting final scene of the book, where much is revealed, and dire consequences take place.

Wish me luck!

In the meantime, allow me to share a few of the fully-coloured panels I finished last month.

Currently, the campaign is sitting at a whopping $68,610 from 838 Backers!

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